Tools You Can Use To Compress Files

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In sending and storing important files, it is essential that you know how to use compression. This will help you ensure that you still can conserve the space in your hard drive while keeping all the files that are important for you. Also, it would make sending emails faster and without the hassle of creating multiple messages with a number of attachments.

There are actually a number of tools that you can use in compressing your files. Often, you will find these tools already installed in your newly-bought computer or laptop. But in cases otherwise, you can still have these tools by installing them in your computer. You can even download from the Internet the applications or software's that you can use for compressing your files.

The most common and probably most popular as well of these tools is the WinZip. People usually associate WinZip with Microsoft-based computers and laptops. But you can also use this even if you own a computer with MAC OS. WinZip can compress your files into Zip, LHA and Zipx depending on the size of the output. It also comes complete with the function of encrypting your files to ensure their safety against possible fraud and unauthorized extraction. Ultimately, you can use WinZip in sharing your files as well as backing them up for more protection of their content.

For MAC users, you can also install the Compress Files program for your file compression. With this program, your outputs range from Zip to TAR and Xar archives to Compressed Disk Image (.dmg) file types. Compress Files can also encrypt your files to make them password-protected. What is also noteworthy in this program is that it has the "omit Mac-specific invisible files" option. It means that the files you have compressed and sent to another user, who may not have a MAC, can still be readable. This is especially helpful since it helps bridge the differences between computer software's. However, in de-compressing or extracting the files, you would have to use another program as Compress Files do not come with the said option.

Whether you use a MAC or a Windows PC, it is important that you install the right programs for compressing your files. You would get a lot of benefits from ensuring that regardless of the amount and size of your files, you would still be able to store them, back them up and send them.

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Tools You Can Use To Compress Files

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This article was published on 2012/06/04