Organizing an Office File Cabinet

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Developing the right system for staying organized at the work space is almost as important as your job. Being organized will help you to increase the productivity since you can find what you need to save the time. It also means that you can spend more of your important time on the actual job and less time sifting through piles or the drawers that are looking for what you really need to do your job.

If you want to get better at organizing an office file cabinet for the maximum efficiency, all you need to do is that you should learn more about that. Getting rid of the paper piles and giving each paper a home will keep your work area clutter-free and significantly reduce wasted time. Here is information for you.

For the first step is that you should shred the documents that will be stored in your file cabinet into the general categories based on your business field.

After that you should insert expandable hanging files into every drawer of your cabinet. Then, create a hanging file label for every category of documents that you have.

You can attach the labels to the hanging files in the alphabetic order; you can place the first label on the hanging file and also the next so that it will sit to the right of the first label. Then, you may continue staggering your labels until you can reach the far right of the folders. Start the next label back at the far left.

Then, you have to work one category of documents at the time and sort them within each category into sub-category. After that you can write the name of every sub-category on the tab of the expandable file folders.

You should also insert the documents for every sub-category into the particular file folder and then insert the file folders alphabetically into the particular hanging files.

For the last step, you can create the labels for the outside of every file cabinet drawer in order to identify which categories that can find in every drawer. Use any material that is provided with the file cabinet for this. If you do not have any material to create the labels, the index cards will work well for this purpose. You can either tape them to the front of every drawer or insert them into the slot that you can find on most file cabinet drawers.

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Organizing an Office File Cabinet

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This article was published on 2010/09/27