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We offer a large number of types and styles of Metal Filing Cabinets. You may choose from Vertical Files or Lateral Files. Vertical files come in letter and legal width and standard depths of 25”, 26.5”, and 28”. Lateral files are in a standard depth of about 20”, and standard lengths of 30”, 36”, and 42”.

The depth of a vertical file is an indication of the quality. A 24” file is considered a budges file, and is recommended for light use. A 26.5” file is a standard file and is recommended for most everyday office use. A 28” file is a Grade A file, and is recommended for heavy use and heavy files. The difference in the quality is mainly indicated by the type of rollers in the tracks, and the number of upright supports inside the file. Budget files will usually have small nylon rollers on the drawer tracks. Higher quality files come with either heavier nylon rollers or Ball Bearing tracks. Metal channels are used to support the sides of the files and keep the files from twisting of bending. Vertical files will have from one to three upright supports. The more uprights that are used the better the quality of the file.

Lateral files normally come in one depth. In the back of each drawer is a bar or divider that can be adjusted so the file can hold letter or legal files. Most lateral files come with ball baring rollers in the tracks. Ball bearing rollers are used due to the amount of weight that can be places in the file. Some less expensive files will have nylon rollers, but these files are not recommended for heavy use. Normal filing in a lateral file is from side to side. You may purchase front to back hanging bars for most files. Most lateral files come with locks and an anti-tip mechanism. This mechanism is to keep from opening more than one drawer at a time. Due to the weight of the files, a lateral file could tip and fall if more than one file drawer is opened at a time.

It is always recommended that files be loaded from the bottom drawer first to the top last. It is also recommended that the heaviest files always go in the bottom drawer. Most files today come with locks and high sides, to facilitate the use of hanging file folders.

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Metal Filing Cabinets

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This article was published on 2011/02/23