How To Merging PDF Files?

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It's easy to see that PDF files are constantly increasing its popularity as everyday of our usual working life, we have to handle various PDF documents and as long as you keep your office work, this number is likely to rise. The first task when dealing with numerous PDF files is the ability to manage these files. PDF is considered the best medium of transfering content information in form of a document from PC to PC. Furthermore, thanks to their convenient file size portability, it's also very simple and quick to use for mailing purposes.


With so many files in hand, sometimes we feel the need to manage them as we required. We might need to merge files into single file for easy locating and easy managing rather than going through piles of numerous small sized Portable Document Format files every time we need them together. Merging PDF files this way proves to be useful and is suggested also. Multiple Portable Document Format files getting merged into one file is obviously a treat for the user, who is looking for a reliable solution of merging numerous PDFs. Doing this, one gets more convenient and approachable way of dealing with Portable Document Format files.


Suppose you have many Portable Document Format files (say 50 of small sizes), which you want them to email them to your colleague and you have no time to attach PDF files one by one and then mail them. Obviously attaching them one by one and then mailing them altogether is going to take a hell lot of time and keep the email profile busy too. Now if you get a tool or a tweak that can merge PDF files into one PDF file with all PDF files embedded in it, you won't be asking for anything else then.
Well there is a simple tweak that can help you to merge PDF document into one.


  • Open Adobe Acrobat.
  • Select File -> Create PDF -> From Multiple Files.
  • Browse Windows or Choose Mac OS to select the first file to be converted.
  • When you have chosen all your files and placed them in correct sequence, click OK.
  • Name and save the consolidated PDF by selecting File -> Save As.

Alternatively, just select the files you want to convert, right-click any individual file and select 'Combine in Adobe Acrobat...'. You are done with merging of Portable Document Format files now.


However, you can take help of third application PDF Merge tool to merge various small sized PDF. Using Merge PDF tool, you simply need to select the various files that are to be merged and that's it. It is the best tool available that provides various merging parameters. User can prioritize the Merge Process by selecting the required order of pages. Software allows you to add folder directly for merging PDF so you don't have to select PDFs one by one.


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How To Merging PDF Files?

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