How Can You Edit PDF Files?

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Adobe System's PDF is one format that is widely used around the world by computer and electronic files users. The format is easily readable, and surely it is very portable in comparison with any other file format With a Reader, you can easily view PDF files that have been received from another person. Users, especially businessmen prefer using the format for their files, since they need sending documents to their associates at a regular interval through the net. No other format keeps the content of documents protected like it is kept by PDF. It is a non-editable format which is why it is so secure in nature, but what happens if there are some of the contents that you need to edit? This article will help you learn more about how such a file can be edited. You will be amazed to know that more than 450 million PDF files exist over the net today. The format is independent of the software, operating system or hardware installed on a computer. Such a file is essentially a 2D image of a file that has fixed layout with text, images and fonts composed by 2D vector graphics. PDF file encryption can be easily done, and you can also secure the content in your files by creating a password for respective pdf files. The fact that the pdf files are non-editable and can also be protected that makes editing of the matter troublesome for unauthorized user. So here's how you can edit the content of your PDF files.

The easiest method to edit PDF filesis by making changes in the source file and then convert it again into the portable document format. However, this is possible that many times the source file may not be available and in such a situation editing cannot be done this way. There is a feature in 'Adobe Acrobat Professional' to edit a file which can save your day. If the file that has to be edited is password protected then editing of the pdf file can be done in following ways:


  • Page text editing – This can be done with a touch up tool available in this software. When small text editing needs to be done, this feature can help you do it quickly. This option is only opted when there is no source document file available.

  • Page image editing – This is magnanimously done with another software by Adobe, 'Adobe Photoshop'. Select the image that needs to be edited from your PDF file and embed it again after needed changes made.

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How Can You Edit PDF Files?

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This article was published on 2011/06/01