Converting Word Documents to PDF

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PDF refers to Portable Document Format, a format where the finished product of a file can be shared with others for viewing. As not all word processing formats is supported on different computers, PDF is one file format that unifies the readership through its compatibility with any computer. The files can be set to lock so that its contents cannot be copied or edited, which is crucial for important documents. Read on to find out how to convert Word documents to PDF.


How to convert Word documents to PDF is easy. First, open the Word file you desire to have converted into PDF format. In order to do this, double click the file's icon from its location. With this, your Word file is opened.


Next, click ‘File' on the Menu bar, and then click the option ‘Save As'. Depending on the version of Word you are using, you may either be given different file format options to save the file as where you can click ‘PDF' right away, or you will go straight into the Save As box. If the latter occurs, below the ‘File name' would be a drop down menu of ‘Save as type'. Click on the drop down menu and select PDF.


Change the file name if you want, and select the destination where you want your file to be saved under ‘Folder'. You will also have the options of having the file to automatically open after clicking ‘Publish' or not, as well as the optimization of the file. For the latter, you will have two choices, whether to publish as a ‘Standard' file, which is suitable for both online publishing and printing, or ‘Minimum size' file, which is suitable for publishing online only. Once you have set everything, click ‘Publish'. Your file would appear or not, depending on whether you selected the file to open after clicking ‘Publish'. You can see the PDF version of the file when it is opened.

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Converting Word Documents to PDF

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This article was published on 2010/09/28